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Appliance Repair Amherst New York

When your home appliances stop working, don’t bother doing thorough research to figure out what the issue is and then attempting to fix it yourself.

Not only will you be wasting valuable time and effort, but you could also damage your appliance further.

You should expect the job done correctly the first time and our team of skilled professionals are trained to solve all your appliance problems. 

Contact us at (716) 272-1243 so that you can start using your appliances again.

We offer guaranteed service repairs for:

Side by side refrigerator


Problems with refrigerators range from overchilling, not cooling enough, or broken accessories and components. You need a working fridge to store and preserve your fresh food in. When you call our company, we will figure out exactly what’s going on, so you can stop throwing away food ruined by your fridge’s malfunction.

Ice Making Machine

​Freezers and Ice Makers

If your ice cream melts in your freezer before you get to eat it, or your ice maker isn’t providing you with sufficient ice each day, you may have an external or internal problem with your freezer. For example, your seal might not be working properly. We can inspect your seals and find the problem if that’s the case. If it’s an internal problem, we can also repair that for you.

Gas Oven with Stove Top

​Stoves and Ovens

Temperatures in Amherst are chilly to freezing. You need hot meals on the table for your family to share each evening. Your dinner plans will be ruined when your stove top or oven stops working. If you can’t improvise a meal, you’ll have to spend even more money out at a restaurant. We believe you shouldn’t have to put up with that and we can inspect your kitchen cooking appliances as soon as a technician is available, so you can save your planned meal.

Microwave Oven


​If you live a busy life and you need a quick meal to take on the go, you're gonna need that microwave to be functioning at all times. Microwaves can be your best friend when you're in a pinch. ​You can rest assured that our team can fix your microwave in time before your next ​job or other obligation.

Dishwasher in Counter


If your dishes aren’t coming out clean after a full cycle, something is clearly wrong with your dishwasher. Unfortunately, far too many people think they have to clean and scrub their dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, but you should not have to do that every day when you have a functioning dishwasher. Our professionals have the expertise to fix it all for you.

Clothes Washer


​Are stains that would typically be washed and clean not coming out after a regular run in your washer or is it obnoxiously loud? There may be a problem with your washer and we can figure it out.

Clothes Dryer


​Running your dryer over and over again to have dry clothes is unnecessary. Contact our understanding team to find out exactly what’s going on with your dryer so that you only have to run your clothes once.

Garbage Disposer on Counter Top

​Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal is clogged or leaking, we can figure out what’s malfunctioning. Don’t injure yourself by reaching inside or continue mopping up leakages. We can solve your disposal problems for you.

Call us right now at: (716) 272-1243

Call us right now for same-day repairs at:

(716) 272-1243 

If you need work done on another type of appliance, we service a variety of repair services including:

MWM Appliance Repair
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