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Buffalo Appliance Repair Services

You never realize how much you need an appliance until it stops working. Our team of specialists has you covered if any of your essential appliances ever stop working. 

We are a family-owned New York business with years of experience. Whatever you need for your appliances, we can help. 

Call us right away and have an experienced technician get you back up and running.

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We offer guaranteed service repairs for:

Side by side refrigerator


​Purchasing a weeks-worth of groceries only to have your refrigerator break is not only wasteful but also extremely frustrating. MWM knows that you need immediate repair services to preserve your fresh food and will be there to help.

Ice Making Machine

​Freezers and Ice Makers

​Frost build-up can sometimes cause ice not to come out of your ice maker. No matter the season, no one wants a warm glass of water. We can find the buildup and defrost your ice maker if you suspect a problem.

Gas Oven with Stove Top

​Stoves and Ovens

​These appliances are essential for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In New York, no one wants to have a cold meal in the winter time. With our services, you can be sure that you will be cooking up a warm meal soon after our repairs.

Microwave Oven


​If you’re attending the University at Buffalo or just want a quick meal heated, microwaves are commonly used in our everyday lives. You can rest assured that our team can fix your microwave in time before your next class or other obligation.

Dishwasher in Counter


​Nobody has time to wash dishes by hand these days. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to meticulously scrub them before running a wash load. Count on our technicians to find the problem and fix it!

Clothes Washer


​Are stains that would typically be washed and clean not coming out after a regular run in your washer or is it obnoxiously loud? There may be a problem with your washer and we can figure it out.

Clothes Dryer


​Running your dryer over and over again to have dry clothes is unnecessary. Contact our understanding team to find out exactly what’s going on with your dryer so that you only have to run your clothes once.

Garbage Disposer on Counter Top

​Garbage Disposals

​If your garbage disposal has stopped working, there could be something that jammed it. Don’t worry about touching sharp objects, as that can additionally cause you severe harm. Our professionals at MWM know exactly how to find your problem and fix it without injury.

Call us right now at: (716) 272-1243

Regardless of your appliance problem, our experienced team of Buffalo  appliance  repair ​experts can get to the bottom of it and repair any issues. Call us today.

If you need work done on another type of appliance, we service a variety of same day repair services including:

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