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Cheektowaga New York Appliance Repair Services

When a home appliance stops working, you’re likely to find out only when you were in the midst of using it.

Having to stop completing your chores for a malfunction is more than annoying. Have no worry though, because we have skilled specialists ready to help you out. 

As soon as you suspect an appliance isn’t working, call us at (716) 272-1243

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We offer guaranteed service repairs for:

Side by side refrigerator


Foods have expiration dates for a reason and if you find yourself constantly throwing food out before their expiration dates, your fridge and freezer has an issue. You need these appliances to keep your perishable foods such as produce, dairy, meats, and frozen food cold. We know what to look for when searching for appliance problems and have the years of experience to back that up.

Ice Making Machine

​Freezers and Ice Makers

​Nobody wants to come home to a freezer full of rotten meat because the freezer died. That can be an expensive issue. Or maybe you just want an ice cold beverage after a hard day of work. Well, you're going to be quite grumpy when you find that your ice maker isn't working. Sometimes ice makers fail, simply because of too much frost build up. Whatever the issue is, we got you covered. 

Gas Oven with Stove Top

​Stoves and Ovens

Have you ever taken a meal that you prepared out of the oven only to find it cold? Maybe you’ve waited far too long for your water to boil on your stovetop. If you experience either of these or a separate issue with your stove and/or oven, you need a professional to fix it for you. Don’t risk burning yourself or breaking another part because we know how to handle all your household appliances with care.

Microwave Oven


Cheektowaga has Erie County’s principal airport at Buffalo Niagara International. When you’re about to catch a flight, you don’t have time to make a long meal. Microwaves come in handy to quickly heat a meal up. When you’re counting on a microwave to eat while meeting your deadlines, we will be there for you to solve a breakdown problem.

Dishwasher in Counter


If the water isn’t draining from your dishwasher, you could have a plumbing issue or clog. To figure out exactly what’s going on, you need the right equipment to fix it. Luckily, our experienced team has all the needed tools and replacement parts to solve any draining issue. 

Clothes Washer


If you only run your washer during working hours because you don’t want your downstairs neighbor to hear it, something is wrong with it. It can be the equilibrium or a more serious issue. Minor or severe, we can figure out exactly what’s going on and fix the problem for you. 

Clothes Dryer


If you’re running your washed clothes through the dryer over and over again, you could have a lint build-up or a technical issue with it. These problems could lead to additional damage to your home and other appliances. Our team is available to look into your dryer and repair any potential issues. 

Garbage Disposer on Counter Top

​Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals can be dangerous because of their sharp blades. Messing with one when you are not experienced can cause severe wounds. When you’re unable to get rid of your garbage, we know how to carefully fix it. 

Call us right now at: (716) 272-1243

Regardless of your appliance problem, our experienced team of repair specialists can get to the bottom of it and repair any issues within the same day.

You don’t have to deal without your appliances for long when you call our speedy and diligent team at: (716) 272-1243 


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