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Dryer Repair in Buffalo New York

Clothes Dryer RepairHaving a malfunctioning dryer can result in multiple runs to dry your clothes.

This wastes money, energy, and time. No one wants to run their laundry load more than once to finally get one load dried.

A professional repair specialist on our team will be able to visit you and have your dryer working as good as new.

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Build Up

One of the most common and dangerous reasons for a dryer to malfunction is if there’s a buildup of lint. Even if you consistently clean the easily removable lint out of the screen in between each load, you can still miss lint built up in the dryer’s inner tubes.

A lint build-up will block ventilation and could cause your dryer to stop working completely. Worst of all, a lint clog could cause a fire.

An appliance repair professional will be able to use tools designed to reach deep into your dryer and remove lint that you cannot reach. Routinely maintaining your dryer will allow it to last longer in working order.

In case your dryer is too old or damaged too much, we can show you your options to purchase a new dryer within your price range.

Broken Thermometer

If your thermometer is broken, it is no surprise that your clothes aren’t drying properly. If you suspect that your dryer’s thermometer isn’t working, we can send out a repair person to inspect it and see if you need to replace it. Additionally, we have contacts to find replacement parts with ease.

Broken Timer

If you rely on a timer to let you know when your clothes are done drying, you’ll notice when the timer stops working.

You can find timers on the market ranging in price, but you wouldn’t want to purchase one that doesn’t fit the exact make and model of your dryer. We will be able to look up exactly what kind of timer your dryer needs and can replace it for you.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Trying to fix your dryer on your own is complicated and could cause further damages to it and yourself. Additionally, it can be difficult and expensive to find the specific parts that need replacing.

On the other hand, professionals have the knowledge to diagnose a problem, handle it with care, and find parts at reasonable prices when you need to replace something.

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Don’t worry about wet clothes or wasting time running your dryer multiple times anymore.

We can figure out what’s going on with your dryer and fix it for you.


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